10:46 PM

(Rangel-O’Brien Shore)
Produced by (Cox)
Made in Sheffield
TMS - Sound #0001

11:56 PM

Awwr found a little Couchsurfing event I’ll pop along to tomorrow night - 

a cook together, eat together , jam together social at a derelict plant nursery and theatrical prop warehouse in Camden Town. The host and his friends have it made into a nomad squat community centre focused on sustainable living and just wanna get people active and having fun. 


I’m gonna bring pak choi, beansprouts and my glockenspiel and meet some strangers for a jolly night. 

: 3

whoa whoa whoa whoa whaaaat
really like
10:01 PM


11:45 PM

Dan’s label’s first release hey hey good show last niiiiite. 

^%$£@ Today I got sent to Suffolk for a 3D photoshoot !@@£$%^&*(
The circle of 118 DSLRs around me looked like this ^
Maybe I should follow Emily and invest in 3D printing and scanning shares. 
I didn’t realise I was working only 5 minutes from the seaside; I crumpled into my fixed-time return train back to London.     
4:24 PM

"It was the Holy Spirit on the zip wire" 

- Dr A. Wright, UCL 

Week 7 Lecture: Altarpieces in the chapel context

6:50 PM